Secrets of a vegetarian wannabe


This journey started months ago when I secretly decided to stop eating meat (of all
sorts). Coming from Latin America and married to a German this was not an easy task. I
didn’t even believe it myself that I could do it. Therefore, in an effort not to accept a
failure if it happened I decided not to tell anyone. Tricks you have for yourself, don’t
we all? Well I do…verbalization makes everything so real.
People always asked me about this choice. If it’s a moral choice? in part yes, call it my
contribution to a growing cruel industry towards animals, at least in my heart it is. If
it’s a health decision? As well yes, my body doesn’t digest animal products very well
and I feel better when I don’t eat them. Anyway, I’m not here to convert anyone so
let’s leave the reasons behind.
Fact is that here I was on an undisclosed mission to avoid meat and had to be discrete
about it. My brother owns a cattle ranch, yeap with chickens giving enough eggs for
the whole family, friends and neighbors. My husband has a longer relationship to pork
that our love and well the kids, they should make their own choices. I was alone in this
subtlety was key.
I started looking for recipes, useless since I dislike cooking. Replacing meat with carbs,
rapidly putting on weight and feeling bloated. I basically was leaving on salads which
got old quickly. I needed to find a balance and find ways to adjust my goal to my
existing lifestyle. I personally struggle to find perfect balance. The hardest part is not
the steadiness and stability once you reach it but the transitioning and adjusting to
find the perfect point of equilibrium.
Months passed and I can say the hardest part is over, I found alternatives, got creative
and now have voiced my choice. Of course, my Aunt heard me and offer me chicken
instead, “because chicken is not really meat” she said. I’m proud of how far I came and
look forward to the road ahead with now the support of my love ones which
understand maybe not adhere but respect my decision.
Few tips if you are trying to reach any goal:
– Make it yours internally, and take all the time you need to voice it.
– Don’t try to make or convince others to change
– Plan ahead, like with any decision a bit of research beforehand helps
– Try to find that balance and stay balance
– Keep it real!


By: Mylene Pezzoti

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